Make this Black Friday Your Biggest Ever!


2x Your Black Friday Sales

Your biggest sale is around the corner.

Let me guess, your plan is to mark everything 30% or 40% off?

Hold up 🤚

There's a proven growth tactic for massive Black Friday sales events.

We've used this tactic at stores like Perfect Keto and Kettle & Fire to earn millions & millions of dollars on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


What's the tactic?

Discount tiers.

The more your customers buy, the more they save!

"We use discount tiers (and the app GrowLTV) to increase our Black Friday sales!"

Niccolò Gloazzo

Ecommerce Manager, Kettle & Fire


Take a look 👇


So instead of offering, for example, 40% off everything, you give the biggest discount for the biggest spenders.

How to think about discount tiers

Below is an example of tiers you could use for Black Friday (adjusting $ based on your current AOV)

  • 15% OFF + FREE Shipping on $80 or more spend
  • 35% OFF $150
  • 40% OFF $250
  • FREE Gift at $300

How to add discount tiers to your site

Join the top performing Shopify stores using GrowLTV to boost their Black Friday.

GrowLTV is a Shopify app that adds a mobile-first, CRO-optimized shopping cart to your site that gets you more customers that spend more.


  1. Request Access to GrowLTV
  2. In seconds, easily customize the cart to match your site
  3. Define the discount tiers
  4. Add a line of code to your site header
  5. Done!

Make this Black Friday your biggest ever!

“Our customers get the best results from Heart & Soil products when they take them together. GrowLTV enables us to deliver bundles in a stunning and user-friendly experience. We couldn’t be happier!”

Dean Brennan

Chief Marketing Officer, Heart & Soil


Click here for the steps it'll take. You'll be done in minutes! 👇

1. Request Access to GrowLTV

2. Customize GrowLTV to match your site

  • Go to Settings > Appearance
  • Customize the colors to match your existing site branding


3. Set the discount tiers



If you have any Cart, Cart Slider, Cart Drawer theme setting enabled, it will need to be disabled to use GrowLTV Cart.

  • On themes that have Cart Drawer, go to Online Store > Themes > Current Theme > Customize
  • On the bottom left, click 'Theme settings' , find 'Cart Drawer' and uncheck 'Show cart drawer'

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